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We help people get relief from their dizziness while striving to change and improve access to vestibular care

Virtual Vestibular Physiotherapy

Vertigo Treatment App

Vestibular Training Courses

How we can Help

Through the following platforms we educate people on vestibular disorders and get you relief from your dizziness!
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Through Telehealth

Virtual Physiotherapy

Get vestibular, concussion and TMJ physiotherapy virtually all from the comfort of your home. We service all Ontario residents through a secure HIPPA compliant platform so you know your information remains safe. 

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Through your Device

Vertigo Treatment App

The interactive Healing Vertigo App walks you step by step through the assessment and treatment of vertigo all through your mobile device. It is a great resource for both practitioners and patients looking for help with vertigo.

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Through Professional Training

Vestibular Training Courses

We offer online vestibular training courses and resource packages for all healthcare practitioners. Static online courses are available 24/7 for individual training or an appointment can be made for live training  with you and your team.

What is Vertigo?

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who we are

Cheryl Wylie, MSc (PT)

Certified Vestibular Physiotherapist

Cheryl is a certified vestibular physiotherapist, completing her Master of Physiotherapy Degree from McMaster University in 2010 and then her Vestibular Certification from Emory University in 2017. She is passionate about helping those with vestibular, concussion and TMJ disorders and has devoted her whole practice to this field.

She founded Healing Vertigo with a mission to improve access to vestibular rehabilitation. Not only does she provide vestibular telehealth herself, but she works with other healthcare providers to educate them on vestibular rehabilitation so that they too can provide this specialized care. She also shared her knowledge of BPPV management specifically in developing the Healing Vertigo App, which is available worldwide on any mobile device. 

Learn more about Cheryl or book an appointment with her today!

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Through Telehealth

Virtual Physiotherapy Services

The development of tele-health has improved access to specialized healthcare worldwide. Through virtual platforms, we are able to complete full assessments and treatment programs with you while you stay in the comfort of your own home.
Vestibular and concussion physiotherapy

Vestibular and Concussion Physiotherapy

The average patient typically will see up to four practitioners at an average cost of $2,000 to get a vestibular or concussion diagnosis. Why wait when you can begin right now with a Certified Vestibular Physiotherapist who will get you started on your path to healing. Sessions are done virtually through a secure platform so you know your information will always stays safe.  

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Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Physiotherapy

TMJ problems present in a variety of ways including clicking of the jaw, locked jaw, muscle tension, headaches, and joint pain. Work with us to resolve these issues using a structured and individualized TMJ rehabilitation and exercise program which can be done all from your own home.

Blaine | Patient Testimonial
After struggling with doctors appointments and a handful of specialist, Cheryl was able to diagnose my situation quickly and accurately. Suffering from post concussion symptoms, Cheryl quickly started me on a program combing in clinic work with at home exercises. Not only did the symptoms disappear, I feel my cognitive functionality improved generally, beyond what I feel was my 'norm".

Working with Cheryl has turned my life more positive and helped the progression of my career. I'm grateful to say my continued post concussion work is now maintenance rather than corrective!
Through your Device

Vertigo Treatment App

Healing Vertigo is has an interactive app designed to help you get relief from vertigo while in the comfort of your own home. It has been created by a Canadian Registered Physiotherapist who has specialized training and years of experience in vestibular rehabilitation and the treatment of vertigo. This knowledge and experience have been transferred into a simple app to allow you to have the benefits of a therapist through your device. Allow us to show you step by step through patient-focused instructional videos how to assess and treat this condition, getting you on the right path to recovery quickly and affordably.

Available on iOS

The Healing Vertigo APP on iSO is available for any tablet or Apple device. Family sharing is also enabled so you and your loved ones can use any device in the family sharing group.  

Available on Google Play

The Healing Vertigo APP is on Google Play and setup to work on over 13,000 of the most popular phone and tablets. Family sharing is also included in this purchase so you can seamlessly switch between devices.

Very cool! This will be helpful for friends and family suffering from vertigo and not sure how to deal with it! The creator is a professional physiotherapist with specialty in this area. Great idea to bring this out as an app!!
This physiotherapist is excellent. She took great care successfully treating a family member for BPPV in person and we are now using this app to maintain and understand the condition. I am very glad this kind of help is available, especially now with Covid making some in person care a challenge.
Really great info! The treatment instructions are easy to follow and I really did feel better afterwards
Through Professional Training

Online Training Courses

We offer online training courses and resource packages for all types of healthcare practitioners. These courses are available 24/7 for individual training or an appointment can be made for a live training session with you and your team.
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On-Demand Online Courses

Through our partnership with Emboida we are proud to offer courses and resource packages available online so you can have access to training immediately. Once purchased you also get lifetime access to the course and all corresponding course material. 

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Live Virtual Courses

For individuals or groups who would rather learn with a live instructor we offer a number of courses which can be taught virtually for groups anywhere from 1-15 participants. These courses range from short 45-minute sessions suitable for a Lunch and Learn situation to more in-depth half day courses.

Excellent presentation!  Clear and easy to follow with practical advice!  Thanks!
Thank you so much. Very efficient and clear. Best webinar I have attended in quite some time.
This presentation was excellent! Thank you so much, very useful! It gave me confidence to evaluate and treat BPPV.

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