Healing Vertigo 
Through Professional Training

Live Virtual Courses

We offer a number of courses which can be taught virtually for groups anywhere from 1-15 participants. These courses range from short 45-minute sessions suitable for a Lunch and Learn situation to more in-depth half day courses.
Through Professional Training

Virtual Lunch and Learn

Join us over your lunch hour for these informative 45 minute sessions, which include useful take-away skills you can use that day with your patients.

BPPV Basics

Learn the basics when it comes to the vestibular system, with a focus on the most common type of BPPV. Learn how to test and treat is, using key maneuvers including the Dix-Hallpike and the Epley Maneuver.

Introduction to Concussion

Gain an understanding of concussion pathophysiology, patient presentation, and what you need to know to help your patient after they have sustained a head injury.

What about the TMJ?

The jaw is often overlooked as a cause of head and face symptoms. Understanding various pathologies, testing tools and treatment guidelines are valuable skills you can use immediately with your patients.

Virtual Half-Day Courses

Looking for something more? These informative 3-4 hour in-depth sessions will expand your abilities to help patients with BPPV and other dizziness issues.

BPPV Feature: Assessing & Treating Dizziness

BPPV goes beyond just the Dix-Hallpike and Epley Maneuver. Understand the full scope of this condition in this half-day virtual course with you and your team. During this course we dive into the various types of BPPV and go over how to implement proper BPPV test and treatment maneuvers in both a virtual and clinical setting.

Beyond BPPV: Understanding Vestibular Rehabilitation

What happens when your patient’s dizziness is not due to BPPV? Vestibular hypofunction is the most common vestibular disorder after BPPV, so understanding how it presents and how it can be treated is the next step in your vestibular training. Join us in this half-day course to learn about both unilateral and bilateral vestibular hypofunction and the diseases that cause it.

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Live course too much right now? Start with an online course!

Through Professional Training

Static Online Courses

Finding time for continuing education can be hard as a busy practitioner! Now you can learn anytime, anywhere with these online education options.

Vestibular Online Courses

Through our partnership with Embodia we are proud to offer both the BPPV In-Depth Course and Beyond BPPV Course as static online courses for your convenience. These courses have been broken down into manageable portions, allowing you to work through the content at your own pace, while tracking your progress along the way. Once purchased, you also get lifetime access to the course and all corresponding course material, so you can refer back to the content at any time.

BPPV Resource Package

We also know how important it is to have access to helpful resource materials for specific conditions. This is why we created the Practitioner BPPV Resource Package available on Embodia. This package includes access to all BPPV test and treatment videos which are designed like an exercise, ready to be prescribed to your patients. You also get a BPPV Flow Chart, which is the simplest and easiest to follow logic chart available, including step-by-step directions for all treatment maneuvers for quick access in a clinic setting.

Through Professional Training

Consultation and Mentorship

The learning doesn't have to end when the course is over. Practitioners can continue learning through consultation and mentorship with a Certified Vestibular Physiotherapist

We offer consultation services for practitioners who are looking to get input regarding vestibular, concussion and TMJ specialized care. Instead of referring out of house, and risk losing that client to a competitor, consider booking a joint session with us, where we can help manage any aspect of patient care you need. In addition, we provide peer-to-peer sessions for practitioners who are looking to discuss patient care or want focused education on a specific topic. Consultation Services are available to all healthcare providers, from physiotherapists to physicians to athletic trainers. 

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Available for all Canadian Registered Healthcare Providers